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How to protect car seat for air travel

If you have ever travelled with a toddler, you already know how tedious the whole travelling experience can be. The thoughts of simplifying the whole process and using a car seat must have crossed your mind. While a car seat is a great way of providing comfort for your baby, it comes with a lot of confusion and hassle, especially during air travel. Most parents planning to travel with one are usually caught between deciding whether to take their existing Car seat with them and check it in at the airport or rent a car seat when they get to their desired destination.

Taking and checking in your Car Seat

If you don’t fancy the idea of hiring a car seat, then bringing your car seat is a great idea and there are so many things to consider. For Instance,

  1. How do you carry the Car Seat hassle free from the car to the check in terminal while taking a million and one things with you, including your little one?
  2. How do you protect the car seat during air travel?

Taking your car seat along with you during your air travels helps reduce the safety concerns of hired car seats as well as eliminate the issues surrounding the hygiene state of the rented car seat. It also helps you save money on renting a car seat, giving you more money to spend on your holiday, plus most car seats can be fitted easily into any car alleviating the issues with compatibility.

So, how do you protect your Car Seat while travelling?

If you have decided to take your car seat with you, ensuring it is properly protected is one way of preventing it from getting damaged during transit. Aside, from protecting it from dust, germs, water and the rigorous activity of a busy airport terminal, investing in a quality Car Seat Travel Bag is essential in providing a pleasant and stress free travel experience.

Loar Creations Car Seat Travel Bag


When purchasing a Car Seat Bag, there are several features you should look out for. The bags must be;

  • Strong, lightweight and Water resistant
  • Have a comfortable adjustable shoulder strap and handle, which allows you to carry the car seat as a backpack, leaving you hands free for other things
  • It should also have a  name tag section for easy identification during baggage collection.
  • The bag should also be foldable to ensure they can be stored away for future use


Essentially, a Car Seat Travel Bag allows you to travel easy and take your car seat wherever you go.


Hiring a Car Seat

Hiring a car seat at your destination helps you reduces the time and stress of walking around the airport with a car seat especially when you have lots of luggage. Hiring a car seat is usually a great idea when you are visiting a familiar location or when you are already running late for your flight.

While hiring a car seat at your destination offers several benefits, it also comes with its disadvantages, such as the car seat may not have been properly managed or poorly taken care off. Since the Car Seats are frequently hired out they may be unhygienic for your baby’s use.

Aside from the safety and hygienic concerns associated with hiring a car seat, the cost of hiring one may have an impact on your budget.


Overall, there are advantages and disadvantages of taking your car seat with you or hiring a car seat, it all depends on your budget and other factors as listed above.


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